November 23, 2016

RE: Update on NHE, Online Meeting Scheduled for 11/29/16 at 7 PM CST

To All NHE Investors and Interested Parties:

Best wishes to all NHE investors for a very happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend! Our 11-well Oklahoma project is moving forward nicely, with 7 wells running and 3 more wells to be brought online as soon as the bailers are installed. We have consulted with our engineer and are contemplating options to increase production from the current wells, including perforating a few wells in the Booch sands which is very productive zone on these leases. We also have the option of drilling up to 8 wells on the leases. 

NHE and its partners have decided to pass on the 64-well Phase II due to the fact that our review indicated that the potential did not justify the investment. I am always looking for additional leases to buy, and have some better options under review. Here is a brief summary of the status of current NHE holdings:

Proctor Leases – Eastland County, Texas – Sale Pending
Harrison and Townsend Leases – Oklahoma – Selling leases to re-invest in other projects.
Greer, Ratliff, Wilkins Leases – Oklahoma – Current production 7 1/2 BOPD, expecting 10-20 BOPD when work is completed.

Online Meeting Scheduled for 11/29/16 at 7 PM CST

I have scheduled an online meeting for NHE to be held Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 7 PM CST, using the Paltalk room designed for NHHI. Here are instructions for joining the meeting:

1. Download Paltalk Messenger (free download) and log into Paltalk.

2. Look under the heading “Business and Finance” rooms and under the subheading “Investments”.

3. When the room is open you will see the name “New Horizons Holdings, Inc.”.

4. Click on the room to join the meeting.

I will discuss all NHE business and will answer your questions during the meeting. I hope many of you will attend.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you and God bless.

Steve Kirkpatrick   

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