August 25, 2016

RE: Update on NHE, Online Meeting Scheduled for 8/30/16 at 7 PM CDT

To All NHE Investors and Interested Parties:

Work continues on our 11-well Oklahoma project (Phase I), and is within a few weeks of completion. We are still waiting for electric power to be restored to one lease, and the installation of three bailers on three wells, plus a few minor repairs. We are pumping oil at this time, but are not near full production yet.

We are pushing forward with the 64 well Phase II, and will finalize the acquisition if our engineering review indicates that we should close the deal. A final Phase III acquisition would take us to a total of 300 wells in a fairly tight geographic area.

I continue to evaluate numerous additional prospects as potential acquisition targets, in an ongoing effort to find the very best ROI and safest options for a start-up venture with limited capital. I have formed strategic alliances with several co-venture partners that are willing to invest alongside NHE as needed to take down larger deals.

I have scheduled an online meeting for NHE to be held Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 7 PM CDT, using the Paltalk room designed for NHHI. Here are instructions for joining the meeting:

1. Download Paltalk Messenger (free download) and log into Paltalk.

2. Look under the heading “Business and Finance” rooms and under the subheading “Investments”.

3. When the room is open you will see the name “New Horizons Holdings, Inc.”.

4. Click on the room to join the meeting.

I will discuss all NHE business and will answer your questions during the meeting. I hope many of you will attend.

Thank you and God bless.

Steve Kirkpatrick  

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